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Why Choose UNO?

Many players that play for larger clubs can get lost in the shuffle. We have 200-300 athletes each year, which we focus on.
No re-sign pressure. We send re-sign links to players in the current season with deadline being after the season ends.
Our system to help players get recruited to college is 2nd to none. We have 30-50 athletes going through the process each year and support those athletes until their goals are met.
Our training process is time tested as our players are prepared for college following growing through our program.
Our teams practice and train on their own court for the majority of the season. We do not put 3-5 teams on a court for practices. At UNO we don’t believe effective training can be done with 30-50 players on a court.
Practice schedules are setup a month in advance. In January and February, when gyms get busy, we use Joliet Junior College for the overflow, keeping the number of players on a court to a manageable level. The growth of our players continues during this busy time.
75% of our coaches have been coaching at UNO for 4+ years, we attribute this to the culture and climate of our club. Our club can manage and facilitate a positive environment for the players and coaches, making it a place where coaches want to coach.
Our strength coach Adam and crew have had huge success training our athletes. In 2023-24 season 93% of our middle school athletes improved their approach or block jump by 2”. Some increasing by 4-6” for different age groups.